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“We had been trying to raise the funds for a performing arts center in our high school for fifteen years. The school district asked us to raise $750,000; if we could accomplish this they would take the idea to referendum. We began the campaign with 100 Extraordinary Women and got 140 women to pledge $140,000 in a few short months. We were amazed! This started our fundraising efforts. More than $750,000 was raised, and the referendum passed. The Performing Arts Center will be open in 2017; women in our community led the way.”


Linda Dowling
Contributor to Fine Arts Foundation
of the Westby Area Campaign

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Kids Cooking For Life teaches nutrition through hands on cooking to students from low income communities. Research shows that the foundation for a healthy life begins in childhood, as a balanced diet provides the essential nutrients for healthy development and growth. In contrast, inadequate nutrient intake is associated with obesity and chronic diseases during adolescence and adulthood as well as poor academic behavior and performance.

Governor Dodge State Park, one of the crown jewels of Wisconsin’s state park system, offers amazing opportunities for outdoor recreation of all types. For almost a quarter of a century the Friends of Governor Dodge have supported recreation, education and environmental stewardship at the park. Now it’s time to support the Friends in their first ever capital fund campaign to Build for the Future and preserve horseback riding at the park. Extraordinary Women can make this park truly extraordinary!

While other traditionally male-dominated disciplines are becoming gender integrated, aviation is not. Due to the aging out of pilots and the growth of aviation, Boeing predicts there is a demand for 790,000 new pilots worldwide over the next 20 years. The pilot shortage is here, the need is real, and the solution lies in the 50% of the untapped, female workforce. PinkTails Aviation Academy provides women a safe, supportive learning environment to build the foundational skills necessary to soar in the aviation industry.

Washington County has committed a generous grant of $3,000,000 as a challenge to the community to raise an additional $3,000,000. To our knowledge, this is unprecedented in the Country. The History Center will continue to include the Old Courthouse, Jail, and Research Center. Plans include adding a permanent exhibit space; the Achievement Hall of Fame, which will tell the stories of Washington County through the eyes of achievement, including the achievements of the County’s women.

The Miracle League of Dane County will provide children with cognitive and physical disabilities, and special needs the opportunity to play America’s favorite pastime – baseball. But it’s not ONLY about baseball…
In addition to hitting the ball, making their way around the bases, crossing home plate, scoring a run for what might be the first time in their life, or making an amazing catch to end the game, these children will experience life-changing moments that will forever impact them and their families, volunteers, coaches, fans and the community at large.

MIRA is the largest coalition in New England promoting the rights and integration of immigrants and refugees. With offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we advance this mission through education and training, leadership development, institutional organizing, strategic communications, policy analysis and advocacy.
MIRA is a dynamic and multi‐ethnic coalition with more than 130 organizational members, including grassroots community organizations; refugee resettlement agencies; providers of social, legal and health services, faith-based organizations and civil and human rights advocates.

Since 1958, Ridgewood Pool has been an integral part of the community; a safe and healthy place for families; and a place where thousands of children have learned the life-saving skill of swimming. Now, that’s all in danger. The pool is more than 20 years past its life expectancy. Without major intervention, a non-repairable structural or mechanical failure is imminent. The Ed Nebbins Foundation was founded to continue the impact of Ridgewood for generations to come while expanding its reach to areas of the community that need it the most, but that can only be achieved if we rebuild Ridgewood.

Home of Our Own (HOOO) grew from a dream of a small group of families who shared a similar need and vision: to find homes for a group of adult children with developmental, physical, or intellectual disabilities. HOOO envisioned creating a place in the New Glarus area that would allow these young adults to live as independently as possible in a stable, safe and familiar setting—a place where they can be integral and valued members of their larger community.

Started in 1910, the Rock County Humane Society (RCHS), as it was named, has been saving the lives of animals in need for more than 100 years. Just like then, the new Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin is an independent community shelter with more than 50% of its annual budget coming in from private donations and fundraising, with the remainder coming from adoption fees, contract services, and in kind gifts that save us in expenses.