Funding Goal: $100,000

The Carl Sandburg College Foundation and Sandburg’s College of Nursing have joined the national initiative, 100 Extraordinary Women, engaging women to pledge their support and raise more than $100K toward nursing student success and Sandburg’s new Science and Technology Center.

Your donation will support Sandburg nursing student success, relieve the educational barriers, and meet the ever-changing demands of a nursing education.

Please clearly indicate (in the order notes section at the bottom of the checkout page) the name of the person you would like to recognize or if you like to remain anonymous. All 100EW names will have special recognition in the Donor Recognition area.

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The Carl Sandburg College Foundation and Sandburg’s College of Nursing invite you to pledge support toward nursing student success and Sandburg’s new Science and Technology Center. We are asking a minimum of 100 women to each donate or pledge $1,000 over five years (approximately $200 per year or $16.67 per month). Donors can make their payment in one amount, donate per year (we will send annual reminders), or make bimonthly gifts by credit card. Individuals may also group together to share their pledge, and anyone may give in honor or in memory of a special woman.

As you consider a gift to the 100 Extraordinary Women-Nurses in Need campaign, envision the impact of your donation that helps remove educational barriers such as daycare costs and availability, reliable transportation, and fuel prices. Your support will relieve the financial hardship related to the inability for students to work many hours during the program as well as the initial textbook costs and fees for stethoscopes, uniforms, and clinical supplies. In addition, your commitment will assist with end-of-program costs like board fees and fingerprinting.

Very soon, the College will break ground on a new multimillion-dollar Science and Technology Center that will serve as the centerpiece of the Main Campus in Galesburg. The building will house all health professions and include a simulation lab, skills labs, and collaborative classroom settings that are intended to provide up-to-date workforce learning. This environment will provide an area for both hands-on and theory learning to assist students in developing skills necessary for today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, making it a one-stop shop for nursing students.

Construction is estimated to be completed in the summer of 2024, in time to open for the 2024 fall semester. The name of every donor or every woman honored will be permanently listed in the College of Nursing as part of the new Science and Technology Center.

To celebrate the power of this initiative, donors will be invited to take part in a hybrid celebration event this fall to recognize every participant. As you pledge your support, please note if you or the individual being recognized is a Sandburg alumna or alumnus.

For more information, contact Dr. Emily Schaeffer, dean of nursing professions, at or 309- 341-5253 or Eric Johnson, chief advancement officer, at or 309-341-5349 to donate or learn more.