Our Impact!

We have had the honor of working with dozens of organizations through the 100EW Consulting Program. Collectively, we have raised millions of dollars to help make an impact in our communities. It is a pleasure to share the stories of many of these successful projects with you… we hope your story will be here soon.

Watertown Public Library

The Watertown Public Library started a campaign with the goal of finding 100 extraordinary women to help them reach their fundraising goal of $100,000. A total of 170 women pledged to their campaign—resulting in a total of $170,000 raised.

“It has been wonderful working with everyone on this… What a group of hard working dedicated women with a clear vision!“

Watertown Public Library 
Campaign Contributor


Milwaukee Soldier's Home

Milwaukee Soldier’s Home started with a goal of having 100 women each donate or pledge $1,000 over 5 years to raise $100,000. To date, women have donated $180,000 in gifts and pledges. With the very generous matching grants from Lynde Uihlein ($100,000), the Tawani Foundation ($25,000), the Woman’s Club of Wisconsin ($3,000) and the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee ($5,000), the campaign now has a total of $313,000 committed to the restoration of the Women’s Wing of Old Main. The Woman’s Club of Wisconsin has organized a group of volunteers to help raise the remaining funds to get to the goal of $350,000.

Milwaukee Soldiers Home 
“Every Hero Deserves a Home” Campaign

Milton Public Library

“What began with 15 supporters quickly grew to 155 women who each pledged $1,000 for an expanded library that will serve our community for generations. Each woman’s name (or the name of someone she wants to honor or remember) will be listed in the new Children’s Storytime Area.

This was a fun and easy way to launch our capital campaign, which has now raised more than $2,500,000.”

Lisa Brooks
Library Director
Milton WI Public Library

Fine Arts Foundation of the Westby Area

“We had been trying to raise the funds for a performing arts center in our high school for fifteen years. The school district asked us to raise $750,000; if we could accomplish this they would take the idea to referendum. We began the campaign with 100 Extraordinary Women and got 140 women to pledge $140,000 in a few short months. We were amazed! This started our fundraising efforts. More than $750,000 was raised, and the referendum passed. The Performing Arts Center will be open in 2017; women in our community led the way.”

Linda Dowling
Campaign Contributor

Al. Ringling Theatre

“100 Extraordinary Women was an exciting part of our campaign that raised $3,000,000 for the restoration of the Al. Ringling Theatre. We live in a small community, but 100 women joined with just a few months of work.”

Stephanie Miller-Lamb
Executive Director
Al. Ringling Theatre

When women come together extraordinary things can happen. 100EW understands the power of this and we have created an online crowdfunding system that raises funds for non-profits with long-term effects.