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100EW Automated Fundraising Solutions for Non-Profits

With 100EW raise $10,000 or $100,000 with a system that works. 

Our fundraising system is proven and works for nonprofits of all sizes. It presents a way for organizations to reach out to existing donors and get gifts that are significantly larger than typical from first-time donors.

When you register a campaign with 100EW, you will receive:

  • Access to our online campaign dashboard
  • Automated payment processing (*a Stripe account is required)
  • Direct fund deposit into your Stripe account
  • A custom campaign page to tell about your organization and goals
  • Step-by-step templates for raising funds
  • Tips for success
  • Tracked donations
  • Maintained donor records

The 100EW web platform is designed to make sign up easy and quick, but we are always here to help if you need it. Please complete the application. We will approve your application, then ask you to pay the $100 fee to have your organization listed on the 100EW website; then you can get started. For $250 (total) your organization will get prime placement on our homepage.

100EW is a proven system with a model that has worked for many different types of organizations. You will have access to the model, templates and samples.

100EW will feature your organization in our general publicity, but we will also do three social media posts unique to your organization. The social media posts will reach a broad general audience with women beyond your immediate network. 100EW’s social media expert will develop the posts and distribute them. If you would like additional social media support, 100EW offers additional work with our expert at a special nonprofit rate.

Your organization’s progress on reaching your $100,000 or $10,000 goal is monitored continuously. We update your campaign thermometer each week to show your progress and encourage others to donate.

100EW’s accountant monitors financial reports and will answer questions when needed.

100 Extraordinary Women includes the following in our unique way to raise significant funds and reach new women donors.

  • Assistance in uploading your information, if needed
  • Templates and systems to support your 100EW effort
  • 3 social media posts specific to your 100EW campaign – 1 each month for the first 3 months
  • A 100EW campaign thermometer that is updated weekly
  • Financial reports that are available to your organization’s designee at any time

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“100 Extraordinary Women was an exciting part of our campaign that raised $3,000,000 for the restoration of the Al. Ringling Theatre. We live in a small community, but 100 women joined within just a few months of work.”


Stephanie Miller-Lamb
Executive Director