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There are lots of organizations that need your time and resources. However, only The Ebell Institute is dedicated to preserving, telling and retelling the history (the HERstory) of women in Los Angeles. We are the beneficiaries of the women who came before us. And I can’t think of a better initiative to ensure our daughters and granddaughters will be able to access and discover the unique stories of women in our community. Here’s your opportunity to solidify women’s extraordinary histories through storytelling, events, performances, and stewardship all at the historic Ebell.

Founded by women, for women, The Ebell of Los Angeles is a cultural and philanthropic organization that has provided LA women and other marginalized groups civic, artistic, and educational opportunities since 1894. Our mission is to inspire women and build community through arts, culture, education, service and stewardship of our historic campus and collections.

Despite changing attitudes about women’s roles in civic, scholarly, and artistic spheres, women’s contributions continue to be overlooked. Today, only 6% of American monuments honor historical women (UW-La Crosse, 2023) and women comprise less than a quarter of the historical figures taught in K-12 history classes (NWHM, 2017). This lack of visibility has resounding impacts– breeding narratives, bias, and deeply ingrained cultural assumptions.
The Ebell Institute (TEI) will support the research and dissemination of the untold stories of Los Angeles Sheroes– women who have played a pivotal role in shaping the city as we know it, but whose contributions have been omitted from history books and ignored in public spheres. TEI is founded on the idea that “one cannot be what one cannot see” and therefore seeks to develop public knowledge of both historical Los Angeles women, as well as modern scholars and artists who are trailblazing in their respective fields.

TEI is an umbrella for six initiatives:

  1. A yearly symposium of local scholars, artists, and culture-bearers.
  2. Artistic and scholarly residencies supporting new research and creation by women, for women.
  3. Open access to The Ebell’s historic collections to local scholars, colleges, and universities.
  4. The Living Herstory Free Student Matinee Program, which provides schools free matinee experiences that delve into LA. women’s history.
  5. A docent program at The Ebell to provide open access to one of LA’s most extraordinary landmarks.
  6. An oral history project that will document and disseminate voices and narratives of 20th-century LA women.

We are looking for a minimum of 100 Extraordinary Women to support the Ebell Institute and the story of women in Los Angeles. Each woman donates or pledges $1000 over 5 years ($200 per year or $17 per month). Please join us !


When you become an Extraordinary Woman, you are supporting The Ebell of Los Angeles and The Ebell Institute giving the needed financial resources to tell, preserve, amplify and elevate the exceptional stories of women contributing to the history of Los Angeles. And, you will ensure a next generation of girls and women who know the stories of women’s contributions to our city. This is about equity, inclusion, support, diversity and space for all women and their stories.

The Ebell Institute for the Study of Women’s History (TEI) will support the research and dissemination of the untold stories of Los Angeles sheroes.

You can make a gift in your own name or to honor or remember a special woman.
All extraordinary women will be recognized on the Ebell website
After you have made your gift please indicate how you want the name to read, such as:
Sally Smith
In honor of Mary Smith
In memory of Jane Smith
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