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Since 1958, Ridgewood Pool has been an integral part of the community; a safe and healthy place for families; and a place where thousands of children have learned the life-saving skill of swimming. Now, that’s all in danger. The pool is more than 20 years past its life expectancy. Without major intervention, a non-repairable structural or mechanical failure is imminent. The Ed Nebbins Foundation was founded to continue the impact of Ridgewood for generations to come while expanding its reach to areas of the community that need it the most, but that can only be achieved if we rebuild Ridgewood.

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The Ed Nebbins Foundation (ENF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission tied directly to Ridgewood Pool, the greater Madison area’s first and oldest outdoor community pool. Since 1958 Ridgewood has been a dynamic community centerpiece; a safe and healthy place for families; and a place where thousands of children have learned the life-saving skill of swimming.

Ridgewood Pool was built more than 60 years ago through the visionary efforts of area residents who knew the immense value of a community gathering place and the importance of learning to swim. The Ed Nebbins Foundation is named after a story told to Ridgewood children of a neighborhood boy named Ed Nebbins who almost drowned in a local watering-hole, thus spurring the community to come together and build a safe place to learn to swim. While the specific story is fictitious, in reality 10 people drown in the United States every day. Formal swimming lessons reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88%!

Ridgewood Pool has a successful 60-year history of providing swim lessons and being a safe and healthy place for families. ENF was created to continue those positive benefits. Through collaboration with local partners, ENF will provide subsidized learn-to-swim programs; increase exposure to the lifelong healthy benefits of swimming; and provide access to the recuperative benefits of swimming to area veterans. However, ENF’s first goal is to rebuild the 60+ year old pool.

Plans for rebuilding include an expanded lower pool, zero-depth entry ramps for people with mobility challenges, a redesigned wading pool, a new shower facility, and a dive well that will retain Ridgewood’s cherished high dive.

The current cost estimate is $4.8M and ENF has received about 80% of that in gifts and pledges. By participating in this 100 Extraordinary Women campaign, you will be part of a dynamic community that is making a difference in the future of Madison. Your gift will be recognized, by name, at the rebuilt Ridgewood Pool as part of the 100 Extraordinary Women who are supporting the next generation of swimmers and extraordinary community members, like you. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.