Do you believe that refugee women should be able to thrive in the United States? Re:New’s mission is to make that happen – and 100 Extraordinary Women is helping them raise the funds needed!

Since 2009, Re:New has created a safe community and work place for refugee women from all over the world. When a woman is outside of her comfort area, no matter who they are, it is worrisome. Re:New was founded on the mission of making refugee women feel more comfortable in an area of the world in which they are not familiar, even though it is safer from the area they left.

Re:New prides itself with being able to bring in refugee women and not only teach them the valuable skill of sewing, but also being able to market and sell the products that they make. The women use recyclable materials to make new products, such as handbags and wallets, for the Marketplace. They are sold at a store front in Chicago as well as through the Re:New website.

Re:New is also volunteer based, they have over 40 volunteers that help make the organization thrive. The volunteers help with everything from teaching the refugee women how to sew to helping design the handbags and other marketable materials. Since Re:new was founded, over 120 women have been taught how to sew and have gained employment at Re:New. Not only are the women gaining lifelong skill, they are also able to gain lifelong relationships with those around them who help make Re:New the welcoming caring community it has been known to be. Because of Re:New these women now have someone they can call on and trust, they are part of a community bigger than themselves.

If you want to support refugee women who are already here build a better life for themselves and their families please support Re:New and have your will be name listed among other women who believe the same thing!


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Milwaukee Soldier’s Home

Milwaukee Soldier’s Home

Milwaukee Soldier’s Home started with a goal of having 100 women each donate or pledge $1,000 over 5 years to raise $100,000.

Watertown Public Library

Watertown Public Library

The Watertown Public Library started a campaign with the goal of finding 100 extraordinary women