How Extraordinary Women Can be a part of Preserving a Frank Lloyd Wright Legacy

Located in the quaint town of Richland Center, WI, the birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright,  is an iconic piece of piece of American architecture – the A.D. German Warehouse. It was originally built as a warehouse for every day staples such as sugar, coffee, flour, and tobacco. Now it is on the brink of becoming an economic engine for southern WI and a model of how restored buildings can help small communities throughout the country.


The Warehouse is owned by the A.D. German Warehouse Conservancy, Inc, a private non-profit with exciting plans to transform every floor of the building for heritage tourism, a foodie experience, makerspace for design entrepreneurs, Frank Lloyd Wright archives, and events on the roof top that has an amazing view of the Drift Less Region. The building was placed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.


Women are coming together, as they so often do, to launch these restoration efforts. Be among the 100 Extraordinary Women who will have their names engraved on a paver in a garden on the Warehouse property. It will be seen by people from all over the world who come to admire this Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece. Donate or pledge $1,000 – $200 per year or about $17 per month (the price of 4 cups of coffee!).


More than 100 women have already pledged; 104 to be exact, but there is still room for additional pavers in the garden. Become extraordinary and reserve one for yourself or a woman you want to honor or remember. Your name or the name of the woman you are recognizing will be seen by visitors for years to come as they note your wonderful contribution to this piece of architectural history.


Become a 100 Extraordinary Woman today and help restore and re-purpose this incredible historic building.

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