Guest Blogger: Holly Setran for Re:new

Maryam sat by her husband as he pleaded with us, “Please let my wife come sew for you. You don’t even have to pay her. She is very sad and lonely.” Maryam came to us from a war torn country filled with violence. She lost her home, watched family members die, and lost her business – a tailor shop that she owned and ran. Maryam was quickly hired at Re:new. She was very quiet and withdrawn at first, but as she sewed and designed, her talent was recognized and praised. She made friends with other women who experienced losses like she had. Soon she was promoted and was designing and teaching others to sew. She shared with us her dream of owning her own business one day. With encouragement from her friends at Re:new, she began taking classes in fashion design at a local community college. She now owns her own business and has won many awards at her college for her skill at designing and sewing. If you had known her then, and now, you would hardly believe it was the same person.

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