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For over 50 years, the Watertown Humane Society has made it a top priority to ensure the health and safety of unwanted animals regardless of age, size or breed. Services offered include: adoption, low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, fostering and community pet food pantry.

This renovation/expansion will allow us the proper space for our spay/neuter clinic as well as making major improvements to our dog kennel area.

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We were finding it increasingly hard to get appointments with local vets for spay/neuter surgeries. This forced us to convert our storage closet into a spay/neuter clinic in fall of 2022. In 2023 we opened the clinic up to the public and have performed over 1300 low cost spay/neuter surgeries so far this year. The downfall with the clinic is that on surgery days, our only visitation room becomes the animal recovery room, which makes it impossible for us to have potential adopters in to meet with animals. The new design will provide for adequate space for a proper clinic with dedicated animal recovery rooms. We will also be making much needed changes to our dog kennel area. The current design was built in the 1990’s and we have learned a lot about the mental health of the animals. The new design will make it a safer place for all the dogs and staff working with them. We will also be adding an indoor play area to our design. This will allow the dogs more time to run and exercise as well as a safe place to work with them on interacting and playing with other dogs, which in turn will make them more adoptable. There will also be a few “Special Care Rooms” reserved for very reactive dogs that do not get along with other animals or for smaller dogs or for a pregnant momma and her puppies. We will also be bringing our local pet food pantry inside the building, this will allow us to interact with the users of the pantry and see what other needs they might have. We currently have about 1000 lbs of food taken from the pantry monthly. Our hope is to find a way to keep the animals in loving homes whenever possible. The current building will stay largely the same as it currently is, we will be rearranging a little to provide some private office spaces for our staff to utilize for training or for when they need to focus on a project without interruptions.