Funding Goal: $100,000

Help preserve the tradition of horse riding at Governor Dodge State Park! Join the Friends in raising funds for a new and modern equestrian campground, ensuring that horse riding and equestrian camping at the park will be enjoyed now and well into the future.

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Friends of Governor Dodge State Park

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Horseback riding at Governor Dodge State Park has a long tradition. For decades equestrians from Wisconsin and neighboring states have traversed the park’s miles of scenic trails. With over 5,000 acres located in the heart of southwest Wisconsin’s unique Driftless area, Governor Dodge is one of the crown jewels of the Wisconsin Park System.

Founded in 1996, the Friends of Governor Dodge support recreation, education and environmental stewardship at the park. The Friends have a proven track record of making improvements for many park facilities, creating interpretive materials and supporting nature-based educational programming. Now, with our first capital fund campaign, we seek to enhance outdoor recreation at the park by building an all-new, modern equestrian campground. The new facility will encourage families, seniors, and trail riders of all ages to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of horse-based outdoor recreation now and for years to come. With the potential to become a preferred destination for many, the project will also provide a welcome boost to the local economy.

Why is a new equestrian campground necessary? With more trails than can be explored in a single day, equestrians from outside the immediate area rely on camping at the park with their horses. The current 11-site campground, established in the late 1980’s, was intended as a temporary stopgap. Trailers sit close together on a deteriorating asphalt lot located in the park’s busy core. With none of the amenities that today’s campers demand, it is only a matter of time before the current campground is no longer feasible to maintain. Riding opportunities for many equestrians will diminish considerably.

With an approved campground plan and a $650,000 fundraising goal, the Friends of Governor Dodge are working to ensure that horseback riding and camping at the park will continue far into the future. Please donate today to Build for the Future at Governor Dodge.