virtual consulting

100EW Founder, Jodi Sweeney

The 100EW founder, Jodi Sweeney will work with you virtually for several months to develop a 100EW program in your community. This is the best way to reach out to women who will become long–term donors and advocates for your work. This option also includes use of our 100EW crowdfunding platform.

virtual guidance

Step by step mentoring to reach your campaign goals.

100EW will guide you through the whole process

  • Project Outline & Action Plan
  • Sample Templates and Materials to guide work at each stage of the campaign
  • Step-by-Step Mentoring with 100EW
  • Virtual Touchpoints
  • Virtual Consulting Webinars
  •  Accounting
    • Donations Tracked
    • Pledge Forms Tracked
    • Donor Records Maintained
  • Campaign Analytics that help identify future donors
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • A Crowdfunding Campaign page
  • Donor Engagement Tools
  • Network of Donors
  • Access to 100EW Experts


Ready to Get Started?

Fill out our easy consulting application form. We will review it and contact you with the next steps.

When women come together extraordinary things can happen. 100EW understands the power of this and we have created an online crowdfunding system that raises funds for non-profits with long-term effects.