This massive red brick and concrete building would be impressive in any setting; it is especially so in the small Wisconsin town where Wright was born. Designed in 1915 and constructed between 1917 and 1921 for a local commodity wholesaler, Albert D. German, the four-story warehouse was subsequently used to store sugar, flour, coffee, tobacco and other staples.

Only in the community of his birth did Frank Lloyd Wright design a building quite like the A.D. German Warehouse. Wright designed the building in 1915--and construction took place 1917-21—as a project to enhance Albert German’s wholesale grocery and commodities business in Richland Center and the area. The Warehouse is one of the first examples of poured concrete construction in Wisconsin and features an ornamental frieze that encompasses the fourth floor exterior of the building. Decorative capitals are also a design element on columns of the first floor.

The building sat idle for nearly 30 years and despite valiant efforts by others has never been totally completed. The A.D. German Warehouse Conservancy has launched a fund-raising effort to both restore and re-purpose the building which was placed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

The A.D. German Warehouse is a building like no other in the world. Now is the time when we come together to finish the project that started back in 1915.

The name of each woman who pledges, or a woman she wants honored or remembered, will be included on a paver in a specially designed garden on the Warehouse property. Men can also give in honor or memory of a woman who is special to them. Everyone who comes to see this Frank Lloyd Wright treasure will note your support.

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    The Warehouse has exciting plans to re-purpose the building so that will benefit the entire Driftless Region and serve as a model for preservation across the country. Each floor will have a different focus including heritage tourism, makerspace, event space that includes the rooftop and a possible “foodie” or vintage furniture experience.
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