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Only 5.6% of airplane pilots are women. Over 54% of female students drop out. Be a game-changer. Join the movement…to redefine the face aviation!

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While other traditionally male-dominated disciplines are becoming gender integrated, aviation is not. Due to the aging out of pilots and the growth of aviation, Boeing predicts there is a demand for 790,000 new pilots worldwide over the next 20 years. The pilot shortage is here, the need is real, and the solution lies in the 50% of the untapped, female workforce.

PinkTails Aviation Academy provides women a safe, supportive learning environment to build the foundational skills necessary to soar in the aviation industry.

With the growth in aviation, opportunities exist for women if the barriers can be removed. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Academy puts financial focus on the educational environment. The goal is to charge 50% less than the average $12,000 cost. Training by female flight instructors will reduce the self-doubt, anxiety, and intimidation barriers common in other flight education environments. The multi-sensory curriculum will creatively teach full-time students the required FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) aeronautical knowledge, so they earn a private pilot certificate in 12-14 weeks.

On the national level, women are demanding a more female-friendly flight training environment and PinkTails Aviation Academy is answering the call. It will build relationships with established associations like LIFT (Ladies in Flight Training), WAI (Women in Aviation International), and the Ninety-Nines that focus on supporting women in their aviation endeavors.

Your support will help redefine the face of aviation! It starts with the blueprint of PinkTails Aviation Academy including the architectural design of the school and hangar. To kick start the capital campaign, retaining an experienced consultant will help attract the best donors, sponsors, and aviation enthusiasts who understand why gender integration is important to the industry.

Your donation is critical to build a solid foundation for future female aviators who dream of soaring!